Sunday, 4 May 2008


My blog has just been rejected by Blogexplosion because it contains adverts and I talk about my shop on Etsy (whoops there I go again). So I thought I should maybe talk about something else. I have decided to talk about my experience of an earthquake. I should have given this a mention sooner.

In the early hours of 27 February 2008 I was woken up by a loud rumbling that was getting closer and closer, then everything started shaking. I sat up in bed and I could feel myself being shook and things were rattling. Then everything went quiet.

I immediately rang my husband, who was at work, and asked him if he had felt it as he works on the opposite side of town and yes he had. Then my daughter rang me and asked me if I had felt it.

I tried to get back to sleep but my mind was racing and I kept imagining I could hear it again. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night.

It was a very frightening experience, one I wouldn't wish to repeat, and it was only a small shudder compared to the earthquakes suffered by other countries.

I wanted to add a picture to this post and I remembered this one that I took on 17 February 2008. I was getting dinner ready and just happened to look out of the kitchen window and saw this amazing coloured sky. I went to the front of the house and took this picture.


Susie said...

Wow on the earthquake! Can't blame ya for not going back to sleep.

Don't fret on BlogExplosion, it took me like 6 months to get accepted, and the damn blog was gone by then!! I did re-submit with the new url, got accepted, but got absolutely nothing out of it.

From what I have read, they are not what they used to be.. shed no tears!

capybara said...

I remember that Earthquake well as it woke me up and for some strange reason I just seemed to know what was going on. The wardrobe was shaking in our bedroom and it was all a kind of surreal slow motion experience. We live in North Lincs in the UK so were quite close to the epicentre. My wife slept through the whole thing!

Beat Black said...

that IS a beautiful sky. I've never experienced an earthquake but I do remember a twister once that torn through my town. Natural disasters are frightening no matter what kind they are!