Monday, 31 March 2008


We decided late on Good Friday to go to Cornwall for the Easter break. My daughter, along with her husband and 2 children, had already booked a caravan on a campsite near Bude. So we booked onto this campsite too.
I was a bit concerned about leaving our house as there had been several burglaries in the area the previous night but my husband told me that we could not let that stop us from doing anything. Anyway we haven't got much worth stealing, we don't have a plasma tv, my husband's computer is very old and we took our 2 laptops with us.

The view from Padstow Harbour

We set off Saturday morning about 7.30 am and arrived in Cornwall 6 hours later, we were towing our caravan so this slows us down a bit. Even so we arrived at the site about 10 minutes before my daughter and her family, much to the annoyance of my son-in-law, who had apparently been trying to catch us up all the way down.

The beach at Newquay

The site was ok but the ground was very muddy, yuk. I put Jasper, our West Highland Terrier, outside on his lead and he got involved in a play fight with another dog and ended up needing a bath. That was the last time he was allowed out on his own.

The little steam train
We had a good week, the weather was very mixed, wet, windy, sunny, but fortunately we had no snow which the folks back home had, much to the annoyance of my young daughter. She hasn't seen much snow and she would have loved to have had the chance to play in it.

Sunset at Widemouth Bay

We visited Padstow, Newquay, Truro and we went on a little steam train from Launceston which took us to a farm where the children could play on swings, slides, bikes all sorts of things. There was also a little petting zoo. We had a really good day there.

We had a good week, I really enjoyed it. It was nice to spend time with my daughter and her family. We are going back to Cornwall in July, I am looking forward to it.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saturday, 15 March 2008


In my wildest dreams I never thought one of my items would find its way onto the front page of Etsy. But apparently this cute cell phone cozy did just that a couple of weeks ago.
It was at the weekend and as soon as I checked to see if I had sold anything, I noticed that the views on this item had gone up considerably.
I felt so excited because I knew from reading other posts in the forum that this usually meant that it was in a treasury or had been featured on the front page. I checked all the treasuries but it wasn't in any, although I knew that it had been featured several times in different ones.
I placed a post in the forums and there I got my answer, several people confirmed that yes it had been featured on the front page. I couldn't believe it and I had missed it!

Saturday, 8 March 2008


I was going to order some business cards from a company I found on the internet, but they quoted 3 weeks delivery. So I had a go at doing it myself, which I suppose is a good thing as I now recommend buying handmade. Anyway here is my attempt, what do you think? Please be kind with your comments.

Friday, 7 March 2008


This week I have reduced the price of all the scarves in my shop ( If you purchase one of these scarves you will also receive a free coin holder keyring - shown in a previous post.

This one is a favourite of mine. I bought the yarn for it in a gorgeous wool shop I found in Penzance when I was on holiday in Cornwall last year. We are going there again this year and I am looking forward to visiting this shop again.

This blue one is another fabulous scarf. It is so soft. I love the colour and it has little bobbles of pastel yellow and pink worked into it. I made a purple one for my shop as well, but my young daughter decided it would look better on her.