Saturday, 10 May 2008


Following on from my clearing out post. I have decided it is time to sort through all the beads I have accumulated over the last year. I have got far too many and I know I will never get to use most of them.

So if you have ever fancied having a go at making your own jewellery, take a look at some of the beads I have for sale in my Etsy shop. A few of them are for sale already and I will be adding more over the next few days.

It is a great hobby, but beware buying beads is very addictive.


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Lizzy, thanks for your comments and the validation on my EntreCard post earlier today, I really appreciate them.


Thank you for such an awesome comment! I hope I won't ruffle any feathers because that was not my intent. Every blogger has the freedom to create the site they want for their own purposes. I'm just addressing the issues that are frequent and consistent complaints that I have seen some bloggers post about why all "EntreCard" is an artificial site traffic generator; and I tried to offer some insight as to what makes someone "Drop and Run" and what catches the eye and compels someone to stick around for a little, read posts, and comment.

Everything is a process. Blog creation is a process. I have a lot of extraneous material in my own sidebar, but I hope to streamline and make it more relevant upon a template update I am in the process of making. Still, everything I put in that sidebar has to have a legitamate reason because it takes up bandwith. If it's not adding to the content of the site and is not a valuable resource for my site's readers, then I have to look hard at myself to determine if it truly needs to be there, and the same is true for every blogger.

I'm certainly not pointing fingers at bloggers or complaining about specific sites. If a site wants ads, great. If a site wants buttons and widgets everywhere because the blogger thinks they're cool, I am nobody to judge. However, for me, and a large number of bloggers and web browsers and EntreCard droppers, some of these features, while definitely cool, are an unneeded hindrance that detract from the focus of the blog.

Certainly, a blogger should pick and choose what he or she wants. But it's like my mother always said: "Everything in Moderation."

And if a blogger is offended by this post because I'm calling a spade a spade, well then, the blogger should really look in the mirror. This post, I hope, is completely constructive and anonymous. If a blogger gets offended because the blogger perceives that some of the points I make apply to him or her, well I can't control that. But I would ask that offended blogger to evaluate objectively if what I say is valid or not for him or her. If my comments are valid, then the blogger should make a change. If my comments are out of left field, the blogger should just laugh and move on. I'm certainly not insulting anyone or trying to put anyone down.

Whew! Long-winded I is.

And anyway, you also missed my comments where I thanked everyone for supporting my blog--including yourself--as a card dropper, as a contributor, as a commenter, as a reader. Something about MTMD catches some people's eyes. And for the eyes I catch--my audience--I want to inform, provoke (being the fomenter that I am), and entertain.


Mary Richmond said...

hi there--thanks for your comment on my blog about my mom ;-)

as for all the extras...i've made a commitment to using up what i have before i buy any more supplies...have you thought of that? what would you make if you could only use the supplies you already have? interesting thought, huh?