Saturday, 10 May 2008


I have been thinking of having a good clear out for some time now. This will have to be done prior to us going to Australia. I have started with my daughter's clothes, getting together the ones that are too small for her and I will be selling them on Ebay. Some of them have hardly been worn and are as new.

So this got me thinking about all of my things that I have gathered over the years. Stuff that is pushed to the back of cupboards that I never take out and look at from one year to the next. I am quite sure the loft is full of long forgotten 'stuff' that has been pushed up there in the hopes that one day it may be of some use.

I know I have got things that I really will not want to get rid of but will there be room to take them with us. I have got birthday and Christmas cards from my late mum and dad, I can't throw them away. I have got a shirt of my dad's, I couldn't bear to throw it out because of the memories it holds. Things that my children have made for me, pictures they have drawn, even a tape recording of my eldest singing a nursery rhyme when he was about 3 or 4 years old (he is 27 now). Believe me this list is never ending. I am so sentimental about 'stuff' I just don't know where I will start, I just hope my husband realises how big a container we will need to ship my 'stuff' over there.

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