Sunday, 27 April 2008


I have posted previously about our move to Australia. Well on Thursday, 24 April we finally posted my OH's TRA application to the agent. He had emailed it to be checked by the agent and they had given the thumbs up to send it in.

What a performance it has been just getting the paperwork sorted out for this. He needed to have all his orginal qualifications, a reference from his current employer, his birth certificate. He couldn't find some of his certificates and his birth certificate so we have had to send for them and of course all this costs more money. Luckily he has only ever worked at one place so he only needed that one reference.

Once we had got all of these, they then had to be photocopied twice and the photocopies had to be certified as being true copies of the originals. Luckily I know someone who could do this for us so we didn't have to pay for that.

Anyway that's it, they have gone, now we have to wait, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and he is successful.

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