Wednesday, 9 April 2008



We have been thinking of emigrating to Australia for at least 3 years. About a month ago we finally made our minds up to get in touch with a migration agent and start the process.

I felt sick that morning I took the first lot of completed paperwork to the post office and sent it off, were we doing the right thing?

My husband has passed the initial assessment carried out by the agent and they feel we are able to progress to getting his trade recognised in Australia. We are at the moment gathering all the paperwork so that we can get it sent off for the TRA (Trade Recognition Australia). Once this has been passed we will be able to submit our visa application.

We are applying for a 175 visa as my husband's trade is on the MODL (Migrants Occupation in Demand List).

I will keep you posted on our application.


Galmaran said...
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Deb DiSalvo said...

Good luck - My brother lives in Sydney, Australia on Bondi Beach and LOVES it! His job took him there and he's been there about 6 years and just recently got his citizenship there. I have not made the trip to see him yet, but he usually comes back to the States once a year. I am dying to get out there - its just so expensive for me, my hubby and son all to go. We will get there sometime! I just heard from him that he's coming home with his wife and new baby girl in July and I am so excited to see them all!!! Again, good luck - I'll be checking back to se an updates!

Laura said...

Good luck. I immigrated from Canada to the US when I became engaged. The process gave me nightmares. Part of that was getting married on top of it all. But, we were divorced after less than two years and I would never do it again.