Wednesday, 26 September 2007


I can't believe it is almost a year since we went to Australia. I have family over there and last year, about March, we decided we would go visit. Unfortunately not long after we had made this decision my dear dad was diagnosed with a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos (it has got a long name that I can't spell). Anyway after much soul searching we decided to go ahead and book our tickets for November.

My dad's health deteriorated and about July 2006 I asked him to come and live with us. I did not want him to go into a home. He was only with us a few weeks when he suddenly took a turn for the worse and had to go into hospital. From here he was transferred to a hospice where less than a week later he passed away. We were with him when he went - I miss my dad so much.

We carried on with our plans to visit Australia as I felt I now needed to see my aunty (my late mum's sister) more than ever.

When the our travel date finally arrived I could not believe that I was going to one of my dream destinations. I was actually going to see Sydney I was so excited. I spoke to my aunty that morning and it felt so unreal saying to her 'I will see you in a couple of days' oh my god pinch me. The taxi arrived and we were on our way to Manchester airport.

Our first flight was to Dubai - somewhere I had heard of but never imagined I would go. We were not having a stopover just spending a couple of hours in the airport, but what an experience. So many people of all nationalities, the clothes, the sounds it was amazing. All to soon our next flight was being called and we were on the second leg of our journey to Sydney.

I will not kid you and say I enjoyed this it was almost unbearable to be on a plane for so long but I kept telling myself 'just remember where you are going'. I think it was the longest night of my life. I am not sure how many hours it took but I think it was 15. But fi
nally we were there, we were landing.

We got through immigration, another tedious queue, but finally we were there, got our suitcases, turned a corner and there was my uncle with a toy emu holding it out for our daughter. It felt like coming home.

The trouble is it was a holiday and now I am back in the UK and once again my thoughts have turned back to Australia and I want to go back. I hope I do - soon.

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