Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Of course we couldn't visit Australia without spending some time in Sydney, my favourite city. This time we went on the train, it was safer. Only kidding, we went on the train because we all enjoy the journey. There is some lovely scenery between Wyong, where my aunt and uncle live, and Sydney. Also it gives my DH time to sit back and enjoy the scenery too. The train was very busy but we manged to find seats. I love the Australian trains, they are on 3 levels, although if you are looking for seats it can be a bit awkward on a moving train having to go up and down stairs.

Anyway we arrived in Sydney and it was a beautiful day, blue sky and the sun was shining. We didn't have any plans as to what we were going to do, just have a wander around. Amy wanted to go to the Opera House, it is her favourite place, probably because they always show it on TV. So we decided to walk through the city and make our way there.

We got to Darling Harbour and had a look round there.
The Australian National Maritime Museum is situated here. There is a submarine to look around and a large ship, a destroyer. It all looked very interesting and certainly somewhere we would visit on another occasion.

We crossed over a bridge, I think it is called the Pyrmont Bridge, and carried on through the city to the Opera House.

We had a walk around the outside of the Opera House and stood and looked at the views over the harbour, the bridge and to where we had been at Taronga Zoo a couple of days earlier. It is a beautiful spot to just stand and take in the amazing scenes. I love it!

We got one of the ferries back to Darling Harbour, Amy spotted somewhere else for us to visit, I told her we would put it on our list for next time. We got on the tram from Darling Harbour to take us back to the station. We had had another amazing day but I was glad to get back on the train and sit down.

I took this photo as we went over the Hawkesbury River, I was amazed I caught the sunset through the bridge supports.

When we were getting closer to Wyong I phoned my aunt and told her we were nearly there. She said my uncle would meet us at the station, thank goodness, I don't think my feet would have made it back to their house.


Split Rock Ranch said...

Sydney was our daughter's favorite place in Australia when she visited there several years ago. I suppose being raised in the country she was fascinated with the big city life! I can't wait until hubby and I get to travel to AUS and NZ!

Julian Davis said...

Very interesting post dear friend. I felt like I had a visit in Sydney after reading your blog. Your blog took me to all the lovely places in Sydney.

Excellent photos of places in sydney. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Sydney .

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

great adventure! Even you're very tired, for sure it is worthy.

storybeader said...

thanks for the pictures. It's a beautiful city, etsp. the harbor. Triple decker trains! Wow - that's moving a lot of people! Good idea!

Dorothy said...

Lovely photos especially the sunset and the trip sounded great.

Dorothy from grammology