Tuesday, 3 November 2009


We did find Taronga Zoo and enjoyed a fantastic day there. I can definitely recommend it and it is a place we will certainly go back to. As well as all the amazing animals you get to see close up there are several shows you can go and watch. We just caught the end of the elephant show, but we watched the sealions and a fantastic bird show, where birds swoop around the crowd. The setting for the bird show was fantastic too, overlooking Sydney Harbour. We also saw the red panda, I had never heard of this animal before. Whilst we were there it was on the news that the red panda had given birth at Taronga Zoo. We didn't get to see the baby, but mum was gorgeous.

Taronga Zoo is well worth a visit not only to see the residents, but also to get the most amazing views of my favourite city, Sydney!


Julian Davis said...

Sydney is one of my favourite place. I have heard of Taronga Zoo . But I have never been there . Thank you for your detailed information with great pictures regarding it.

I will try to visit this place soon. Have a great day !

Hot Rocks said...

Love the photo of the elephant spraying water! Sounds like a great zoo to visit.

Dhemz said...

came here to visit..drop the EC..and btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter...if you have time....your help is much appreciated....thanks!

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Split Rock Ranch said...

Sydney was our daughter's favorite place in all of where she visited while in Australia several years ago. She loved the Taronga Zoo, too.

Dorothy said...

Looks absolutely beautiful with great pictures.

Dorothy from grammology

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Wow...that looks fun, beautiful shot on the last photo...and the spraying elephant? Would love to sit under him in a swimsuit. He would give new meaning to the word "sprinkler"!

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

You have nice pictures. I also like the photo of the elephant spraying water, lol. hope i can also visit there.