Sunday, 12 April 2009


I hope you are all enjoying your Easter Day as much as I have. We have spent the afternoon at Clumber Park, which is a National Trust Property near to where we live. Every Easter they do an Easter Egg Trail for the children and we have been going to it for several years. The children each get a booklet which includes a map with which they have to follow the trail. At several points around the trail there are boards which have a word on which is shown using small pictures. These have to be deciphered using the key in the booklet, eg a picture of a flower = the letter E. At the end of the trail these words then have to be put into a poem and then the finished sheet is taken to get your prize, a chocolate egg.

We then had a picnic and followed that by feeding the ducks and the swans. The weatherman had promised us a lovely day, but unfortunately they got it wrong again. It was a grey, overcast day and we had the usual spots of rain. But we all enjoyed it and it was nice to have a family day out.

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