Sunday, 20 July 2008


I wanted to have a relaxing day today so I decided to have my second lesson in beading. I recently bought a book, which I mentioned in an earlier post. It is a beautiful book and has some gorgeous projects, but I think it is probably for someone who has a little more experience than me in the art of beading. I am still learning the basic stitches. I would love to go to a beading class, unfortunately there are none close to where I live.
I have discovered the second best thing to classes is You Tube. There are some great videos on there which show you how to do these stitches. I find it so much easier watching someone actually doing it rather than just reading and looking at diagrams. So today I have learned ladder stitch and herringbone stitch, it looks a bit wonky but apparently the beads are supposed to be offset like that.


Beaderjojo said...

You did a very good job! All nice and neat. Well on your way!

snowforest said...

Cool design ~ nicely done :)

Cats said...

SnowForest's human here: I'd like to thank you for your supportive words following the recent loss of our dear Forest ~ we appreciate your kindness and wish you the best of luck in your designing projects :)

Shiela said...

your design are all nice and cute.

btw, thanks for the message and good luck to your application too. which place have you applied?