Thursday, 28 February 2008

Coin Holder Keyring

I have been making some really useful coin holders for my Etsy shop. I decided to add keyrings to them as I thought it would make them more useful and easier to find. How often have you got to the supermarket and found you haven't got the right coin for the trolley. This is always happening to me. The same with parking meters I never have the right change and just the other day my mobile (cell) phone decided to run out of battery power and I needed to make a phone call, again a scrabble around looking for some change. Well now I have made one of these for myself and I have got it attached to my keyring. So now I will never be in a situation and find I haven't got the right change.

Another brilliant use for these little cuties is somewhere to keep that extra bit of cash you need when you have a night out with your friends. How many times have you run out of money for the taxi ride home. Just place your taxi fare into this and you will never have that problem again.

I have made them in the colours shown, but I have loads more great colours that I am going to use over the next few days and get them all added to my shop (


knitting dragonfly said...

Ohhh..super cute and useful.
Nice blog. Vicki

Diane said...

very sweet... and useful, indeed!

decadentdiamond said...

Those are so sweet! Unfortunately taxi rides in London, UK cost from about £5 / $10. !

LizzyT said...

Thanks for the comments. No problem re taxi fare a £5.00 note will fold up to make a perfect fit :)

Leslie said...

Those are so cute! love um!!!

spiralsun65 said...

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