Saturday, 23 June 2007

I have just been out for a walk with my dog and kept thinking about all the things I could talk about on here. Our dog is a white Westie, he is a beautiful dog and we call him Jasper. We got him just before Christmas, well actually we got him just before we went to Australia. We spent 3 weeks over there with my family and loved every minute of it. If it was up to me we would be living over there right now, it is a fantastic country. Our daughter, Amy, has also been converted to the Aussie way of life and she would love to be there as well. It is a shame it is so far away as my husband still has family in the UK who would stay here. I think my family would be hot on our heels over to Oz. Oh well I can keep on dreaming.

This bracelet is my favourite (hope I get the photo on ok) I have had it for sale on Ebay and hardly anyone has even looked at it. I thought I would sell it easily.

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