Saturday, 23 June 2007

Another First

I have just put my first bracelet for sale on Etsy. Etsy is a place to buy and sell all handcrafted goods. There are some lovely things for sale. It is American so everything is in dollars but that is not too bad because all you have to do is half the number roughly, well that is how I have worked it out. Anyway you put something on there for sale, it costs 20 cents to list one item and it stays on for 4 months. So hopefully I might get some interest. If those bracelets I have for sale on Ebay don't sell they are going on Etsy. There is still only one selling at the moment, I am keeping my fingers crossed that another sells. This beading hobby is not cheap, beads are quite expensive and to fund it I will have to sell some of them. Even buying beads on Ebay does not make it much cheaper.

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