Thursday, 24 June 2010


Once again I have been caught out by how quickly time goes by. I thought that once I finished my job I would have more time at home to do the things I loved - knitting, crocheting, blogging, I have found this not to be the case. But for the life of me I don't know what I am doing. I get up in the morning and get my daughter ready for school. After dropping her off at school, I return home and take the dog out for his walk. I love this part of the day. I take my time and if I am on my own with him I can go over things in my head, think of new designs to knit and crochet and if I have any problems going on I try to straighten them out. When I get home I have breakfast and whilst eating my bowl of porridge I go on the internet and check emails, send replies, check if I have any sales on Etsy and take a look at my Facebook page. Now I know that this is one of my problems, once I get on the internet I seem to spend ages on there. I click on links I am sent and end up on some gorgeous blogs that I just have to read. And then there are those games on Facebook. I have had to give up on Cafe World because it was starting to cut into my time too much when I had dishes that were ready to be served. I am trying to keep away from Farmville now because I always seem to have crops that need harvesting and now there is Frontierville which is another kind of farm game which requires crops planting and harvesting and trees and grass to be cut. The day is just not long enough. Anyway if I am not careful I can end up on the computer for most of the morning and before I know it, it is lunchtime and I haven't got anything done.

I have been able to fit some crocheting into my busy routine. I have been trying something new to me, something I have always wanted to have a go at. I have been crocheting granny squares and the first ones I made are waiting to be sewn together to make a small baby blanket for a pram or crib.

I love crocheting these but hate the fiddly bits, weaving in the ends and sewing the squares together so next time I am going to weave the ends in as I change the colours. I have already finished crocheting another baby afghan, this one is blue and I again I am having to sew the pieces together. I haven't taken any pictures of this one yet but will do once it is all finished. The next one I make I am going to try and crochet the pieces together as I make them.


PoetessWug said...

Very nice granny squares...and I ALWAYS crochet over loose stitches as I'm going along. Where that's not possible I sew the ends in with a crochet needle. I HATE having to work with bits of time consuming leftover yarn strings after I finish a project!

Campbell Jane said...

Really pretty! I know what you mean about those nasty bits! I always tell myself I'll weave as I go but I don't. haha

FishHawk said...

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imelda said...

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