Saturday, 15 March 2008


In my wildest dreams I never thought one of my items would find its way onto the front page of Etsy. But apparently this cute cell phone cozy did just that a couple of weeks ago.
It was at the weekend and as soon as I checked to see if I had sold anything, I noticed that the views on this item had gone up considerably.
I felt so excited because I knew from reading other posts in the forum that this usually meant that it was in a treasury or had been featured on the front page. I checked all the treasuries but it wasn't in any, although I knew that it had been featured several times in different ones.
I placed a post in the forums and there I got my answer, several people confirmed that yes it had been featured on the front page. I couldn't believe it and I had missed it!

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Saph said...

congrats on being featured! That really is so cute. =)