Thursday, 17 January 2008


This week I have been able to start making some new earrings for my shop on Etsy. I wish I could get a proper workspace organised at home but until we decide if we are going to emigrate to Australia, there isn't much point spending more money on the house if we are to sell it.

I love sitting down with all my beads and deciding what I am going to do. I love the colours and I can just sit looking at the beautful colours and the way they catch the light.

The first pair has 2 beautiful sapphire blue beads separated with a sterling silver ridged bead which catch the light. Apart from the beads the earrings are sterling silver. The majority of my new earrings will be made entirely with sterling silver, some may only have sterling silver earwires, depending on the design.

I have also added to my shop a very pretty pair of green earrings, again apart from the beads they are sterling silver.

I have made several more pairs which I will be adding to my shop over the next few days. There are some gorgeous topaz and amber coloured ones, some more blue ones (which are my favourites) and some aqua ones.

I have also got some gorgeous amber coloured beads which I am going to make into a bracelet but I need to buy some more findings to finish this.


Kallia said...

I'm am so getting into earrings lately. These last little blue ones are great! Oh, the pain my credit card feels when it comes to jewelry. Your work is fabulous!

LizzyT said...

Thank you for your kind comment.